Wellness 4 Warriors II

Help and healing for our veterans

VETERAN QUALIFICATION (Pre-Qualification form below)

If you are a United States veteran and are seeking help through natural methods, please complete and submit the form below.  

 *Please provide all your answers in the COMMENT SECTION*

 How did you hear about Wellness 4 Warriors?  (Facebook, Website, etc.) 

 Health challenges: PTSD, TBI, Pain, Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Pain, etc 

 Do you have a electrical stimulator anywhere in your body? 

 Do you currently have: 
- Water Filtration in your home  (what kind) 
- Air Purification  (what kind) 
- What size bed  (this is for the possibility of providing a sleep system) 
- Would you wear Magnetic Gel Insoles if provided

We are aware that some people present themselves as veterans, that were never enlisted and/or never served. Stolen Valor is a federal crime and is  something we take very seriously. 

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Email your DD214 to:  Shaunnesy@wellness4warriors.org
Your submitted form will be reviewed, and we will contact you if we need additional information.
Our goal is help veterans with natural alternatives.