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About five years ago I had a friend who wanted me to learn about alkaline water and the benefits that it has. I ignored her invitations until one day I decided it was time “to get it over with!” – am I glad that my husband and I went to this demonstration! We have been drinking PH-balanced/alkaline water for about four years now and have not had any illnesses (including colds and flu). I believe that the alkaline water was the main ingredient our bodies needed in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know firsthand how great I feel when I am drinking it and how it has affected my skin and my overall health.

I have also seen the benefits of the magnetic insoles that my son and some friends of ours who wear them have had.  A friend of ours told me that she has been having pain in her feet and legs and I knew the insoles would benefit her. I just recently purchased a pair for her. I’m excited to hear how they work for her.

If the alkaline water can help my husband and I, just imagine how much it will help our Veterans! My Dad is a World War II Veteran, my husband was a Seabee and my son is in the Coast Guard. We love and support our military and Wellness 4 Warriors provides an opportunity for our Veterans to have a healthier lifestyle through the use of a clean air filter, a clean water filter, magnetic insoles and a sleep system.  I’m proud to be on the Board of Directors for Wellness 4 Warriors!

Roxanne Danielsen
Board Member: Wellness 4 Warriors

Bertha Moher

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I am proud to be part of Wellness 4 Warriors as a Board Member effective 2016. I have known the Founder and President for 20 years and know her passion for her mission with this organization to help all veterans in their need for better health and wellness both physically and mentally.
There is no one that I know with the dedication to carry out whatever work it takes to achieve this daily endeavor. She has always proven to be of high standard character with the utmost integrity and commitment and compassionate heart in helping our military service men and women.

Bertha Moher

Retired Registered Nurse

Board Member

Michelle Orelup
Shaunnesy Rodriguez
Roxanne Danielsen
Jean Brock

I joined Wellness 4 Warriors in 2012 after two years of developing marketing programs and social media for another veteran-related company. I share Shaunnesy's enthusiasm for helping our veterans heal naturally from various trauma to the mind, body and spirit. While pharmaceuticals have their place, I believe that the body can heal without many of them and without any type of long-term dependence.My background in marketing has been put to use for Wellness 4 Warriors in managing the website, helping with social media, and developing collateral to create awareness around veteran health issues.It is my pleasure to donate my time to this organization and I believe that it is critical to educate others about the needs of our veterans and their families. I believe that veterans deserve the very best in care and treatment and they aren't getting it from our government. That doesn't sit well with me and if I can help change the system, I'm all in.

Michelle C. Orelup
Wellness 4 Warriors Board Member and mom to a United States Marine.

God has put this mission deep within my heart. I have always supported our military and when our youngest son had joined the Marines I became very passionate about reaching out and helping as many Veterans and their families as possible. Through the Wellness 4 Warriors organization and the help of many, I know my vision will become a reality and I could not have done this without the love of my family. Without our Veterans we would not have our freedom, they deserve everything we can do to give back. I've been in the fitness industry for over 35 years and through my experiences and research I have discovered that we cannot just diet and exercise our way into good health anymore.  In order to give our bodies the best opportunity to live healthier we need to look at the water we are drinking, the air we breathe, our nutrition, and the energy that is being depleted by the electromagnetic pollution in the world. (Ex. cell phones, wifi, computers, smart meters, etc.)  Simply, going back to nature.

Shaunnesy Rodriguez (U.S. Marine Mom)

I am very honored to be invited to serve as a Health Consultant for Wellness 4 Warriors. It is difficult to imagine a better way to use both my background in health and wellness and my love for, and devotion to, our military veterans.

I have spent most of my adult life teaching people how to take ownership of their health. I also come from a long line of relatives in military service to our country, including my grandfather, numerous aunts and uncles, both parents, both of my brothers (one of them whom gave his life for our country in Vietnam), and a daughter who is a retired Navy Commander. Helping our veterans is the least I can do as my contribution to those who have given--and continue to give--so much to protect our wonderful country.

Dr. Jean Brock, PhD
Health Consultant

About Us

We are proud parents and family members of their service to this nation. They are warriors and served our country honorably. We have come to know numerous veterans that have been adversely affected, either; physically, emotionally or through environmental means. Tens of thousands of veterans have not received adequate or timely care and they have been inundated with medications. 

It is our goal to stand in and support veterans through donations and fundraising efforts.