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We select veterans throughout the year that are in need of resources that promote healing and wellness, but are not provided through their benefits.

Our current fundraising efforts are to raise $2,700 for Lance Ziebell, a former MP, who was also a K9 officer.  ​Click the Donate button to contribute to our current fundraising effort.

Update on funds raised: $425

Lance's Story

I was enlisted from 2003 - 2008. I served in Iraq from 2004 - 2005 and then stateside for K9 training. I now own and operate an animal rescue organization that raises funds for veterans.  

I have always loved animals and I joined the Military Police Corps because I wanted to be a K9 officer. Animals have changed my life, and that includes my service dog Joker, who has saved my life.

My main challenges are severe PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and sleep problems including thrashing in sleep, and problems with my back.

After I got Joker, I opened a shelter so I could help other veterans get a dog as well - at no cost to them. After three years of having the shelter, I decided to turn the rescue shelter into Z’s Rescue - Animal Transport company. Now I transport dogs from Texas Kill Shelters to No Kill shelters all over the United States. The proceeds I make from the business are distributed to veterans in need. We help veterans with rent, groceries, and utilities.

I want the world to know that Veterans have good hearts, and the majority of us want to help others because our mission did not stop when our military service ended, and we will continue to help OUR America.

Our Goals to help Lance

Lance has been a wonderful supporter of Wellness 4 Warriors and has exhibited at our first two Wellness Expos and we would like to give back by providing Lance with natural resources that will help him live each day with less stress and less pain. Our goal is to raise $2700 to provide Lance with products that will promote rest and healing as he continues to give back to the veteran community.