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I served four years Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force from 1996-2000 as a Photojournalist in Public Affairs. I was out of the military for six long years before I realized how much I missed it, so I joined the U.S. Army Reserve in 2006 as a Specialist (E-4) in the healthcare field. I earned my degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant because I trained to become a PT Technician/Combat Medic while serving, until I got out in 2010. 

Unfortunately, I was injured while serving and had to end my time in service earlier than anticipated. I suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Major Depressive Disorder, Pain, Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Neuropathy, and Anxiety. I now live in San Antonio with my mother, who has been my caregiver since 2014, and my Service Dog. 

I feel very fortunate to have found Wellness 4 Warriors! I feel like I have a fighting chance at recovery when I meet wonderful people such as Shaunnesey Rodriguez who truly wants to help veterans such as myself in whatever ways she can. 
Wellness 4 Warriors, thank you for showing me such respect, compassion, and dedication. Your pride in our country's veterans and active duty service members is inspiring and encouraging.

U.S. Air Force/U.S. Army Reserve

Tiffany Vance


 Wellness 4 Warriors is raising funds to provide her with a SLEEP SYSTEM

Goal  - $2,283

Update in donations - $1,030

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We select veterans throughout the year that are in need of resources that promote healing and wellness, but are not provided through their benefits.

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